About our Parish

Our Mission

Saint Sebastian Parish is a family of believers dedicated to carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ, through prayerful openness to the transforming presence of God, a generous response to God’s many blessings, and respect for all God’s creation.

Our Vision

We are:

  • A welcoming and reconciling openness to all people, celebrating the diversity of our urban neighborhood;
  • Witnessing to a contemporary understanding and practice of the Church’s teaching, in the light of the Second Vatican Council;
  • Living out our call to discipleship by offering sacramental life, service, teaching, and healing to all God’s people, which will, at times, involve a cost to ourselves;
  • Nurturing in our lives a deeper spiritual relationship with the Lord.


All new families and single adults 18 years of age or older should register as parish members. Parish membership is required for marriage or baptism. Sign up after any Mass the first Sunday of the month. We ask all our members to live their faith by participating in Mass regularly and sharing the gifts God has given them. Please share your time, talents, faith, prayer, abilities, knowledge and financial resources with your parish.

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About Saint Sebastian

Son of a wealthy Roman family. Educated in Milan. Officer of the Imperial Roman army, and captain of the guard. Favorite of Diocletian. During Diocletian’s persecution of the Christians, Sebastian visited them in prison, bringing supplies and comfort. Reported to have healed the wife of a brother soldier by making the Sign of the Cross over her. Converted soldiers and a governor.

Based on popular belief, St. Sebastian was charged as a Christian, tied to a tree, shot with arrows, and left for dead. He survived, recovered, and returned to preach to Diocletian. The emperor then had him beaten to death.

During the 14th century, the random nature of infection with the Black Death caused people to liken the plague to their villages being shot by an army of nature’s archers. In desperation they prayed for the intercession of a saint associated with archers, and Saint Sebastian became associated with the plague.

Saint Sebastian Stained Glass Windows

From: Stepping into St. Sebastian / 1980. America is emerging from the pioneer stage in Church architecture and in the manufacture of stained glass. Most of the older churches with which we are familiar have windows that have nothing at all in common with the glass of European Cathedrals. St. Sebastian Church is one of the first to break definitely with pioneer traditions in stained glass. The glass in our mosaic windows was selected from five different countries: America, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France. Experienced and artistic see the windows as unusually beautiful. The pieces of glass are all very small and there are hardly two alike in the exact shade of coloring.

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